Black Lives Matter Announcement
July 4, 2020

Black Lives Matter Announcement

EMSA is monitoring the current situation with respect to the Black Lives Matter movement.  The Board of Directors believes the situation requires EMSA to examine and deal with the prevalence of systemic racism within the District and to address the situation. EMSA is currently working with members of the Black Lives Matter movement, who are also members of the District, to develop a training module for all members of EMSA.  Developing a module on the understanding of implicit bias will be the first of several steps that EMSA will undertake to make all members feel comfortable and safe playing soccer in the District.

EMSA is an organization that values the principles of fairness and equity.  We believe that black lives matter and we intend to give meaning to those words and that belief through the steps that we take to bring awareness to the issue, with a view to change.

We encourage all members of the District to play an active role in addressing this matter.

More information will be made available to the membership as it becomes available.

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