Player Development Pathway FAQ

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Q1: Why Whitecaps London and London TFC Academy?

A1: Both programs have met the requirements to obtain and retain an Ontario Player Development Licence. They are audited throughout the year by Ontario Soccer to ensure they meet the high standards put in place for this program. Plus, both Soccer Organizations have achieved the highest program level available within the country, the National Club Licence. These two programs must adhere to the standards set by Ontario and Canada Soccer, thus creating a more visible link to the Provincial and National Programs. 


Q2: Why are these programs different from other programs?

A2: OPDL is a Standards based league. It is a requirement of the OPDL Program to abide by the "Operational Rules for OPDL License Holders" and to meet the following technical standards. Technical Manual


Q3: Please clarify if the teams in WRSL for Outdoor 2020 through playoffs (U13's and U14's) will continue to have a spot or if those have been taken away? I am unclear if TFC and Whitecaps will now join WRSL or if they are taking the place of other local clubs with spots in WRSL.

A3: The teams that have been placed in the U13 & U14 divisions for 2020 will remain for the 2020 season. Teams in U14 - U21 divisions will retain their position until they grow out of the U21 division or are relegated. Teams that win the U14 - U18 division of the District League will be promoted into the WRSL. 

Q4: Why do these programs get to play in the District Leagues?

A4: It is a requirement of all Soccer Organizations to follow the Inclusive Programming Model. Thus, all players are offered a level of play that they are capable of playing at and this includes the District Level. Plus it is a requirement of the National Club Licence. Check out sections 33 to 38 in the National Club Licence Application Check List