The below form can be used for either player de registration or player transfer from one club to another club.

De Registration Form - used when player will no longer play in the current season (deadline is July 31st, annually)

  - 30 day wait period after dereg to re-register to original team

                                       - if player de registers and registers with an organization outside of his/her district, the player may not return to                     his/her team within the playing season

Process for player dereg: current process (April 2019) subject to change

Signed dereg form gets emailed to EMSA for approval.

EMSA approves and emails a copy back, at that time and only at that time can the club remove the player

Once club removes player then a new Roster is emailed to EMSA for approval

  Form: http://www.emsadistrict.comONTARIOSOCCER_-_TransferDe-Reg_Form2018.pdf

Player Transfer Form - used when player is going to play with another club (deadline for EMSA Leagues is July 31st )

  - 2 transfers only during current playing season. Once transferred cannot be transferred back to the team for which he/she was originally registered until a period of 30 days has elapsed

Process to transfer player:current process (April 2019) subject to change

Signed transfer form gets emailed to EMSA for approval.
EMSA approves and emails a copy back to both clubs.
Releasing club goes into OSCAR (SE) and removes player
Releasing club notifies EMSA and receiving club when done
Receiving club  registers player, and requests new card
Both clubs email a new PDF roster to for approval
Receiving club is invoiced for player transfer on the following months invoice

 Form:       http://www.emsadistrict.comONTARIOSOCCER_-_TransferDe-Reg_Form2018.pdf

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Only Club Executive are to sign documents as club representatives