Please be advised that if any documents are found to be forged, the club will be fined and/or punished severely by EMSA.

Evaluation Forms Evaluations must be done for each season i.e. outdoor & indoor 

 Fast Tracking Player Development U7& U8

 Fast Tracking Player Development U9 & U11

 Fast Tracking Player Development U12

 Scroll down to the bottom of the applicable document to print off the form.

PLEASE NOTE: The fully completed original forms need to be at the EMSA office in order for Grassroots Pools to be approved.

 Age Classifications
Registration Forms
Trial Registration Permit (TRP) - new terminology
This form is used when a player is not registered with any club.
A player may have two trials in any one season but each must be for a different club. Trial players must have an OSA Registrant Book.
Temporary Eligibility Permit (TEP) - new terminology
 This form is used when borrowing a player that is registered with another club. The player book must accompany the form for proof of registration. The club is responsible for the eligibility of the player to play in the specific event.
Temporary Eligibility Permits are only exchanged if the game noted on the form is cancelled! Proof of the cancelled game from the league must be presented in order to exchange the permit.

Short Term Registration Permit (STR)- new form


 This is a temporary registration used by a player not registered with Ontario Soccer or any Provincial Affiliate of the CSA for the purposes of playing in a tournament only. There is no limit to which the number of times a player can be listed on a Short Term Registration Permit.  Please see Ontario Soccer Governing Documents, Section 5.0, Procedure 9.0.
De-Registration Form

This form is used when a player will no longer play in the current season. (De-registration deadline is July 31 annually.)


If the player is going to play with another club the Player Transfer form must be used. The transfer deadline for EMSA leagues is July 31 annually.

Below is the procedure for player transfer:
1. The receiving Club brings in the player transfer form, with the ID Card from the previous Club for EMSA to destroy, with the appropriate fee.
2. The receiving Club can enter the information for an ID card on the system, without the OSA number and without entering the player in AIMS. 
3. The receiving Club will then email John Dutot ( with the player name and OSA number (so that we can match it to the card upload) and advise of the intention to process a player transfer. Please put in re-line of email "Player Transfer"
3. John Dutot will then wait for confirmation from the EMSA office by email that a Player Transfer has been paid for and the previous card is retained before printing the ID Card. 
4. The Club is notified when the card is ready for pick up.


To be used when players transfer from district to district. Form is to be completed and submitted to the receiving district.
Player/Team Registration Form
This form is used by clubs that do not register their players in the AIMS registration portal. It is used to register players to a team or to add players to a team.  In each case the first page of this form must accompany any player registration.
Player Re-Instatement Form
This form must be used by players who have previously been registered as a Professional Player and wish to play for an Amateur team.
Inter-Provincial Transfer Request Form
This form is used to register a player who wishes to transfer from another Provincial Soccer Association. There is no charge for an IPT.
International Transfer Certificate
This form must be used for any player who has played for another National Soccer Association and has not been cleared to register in Canada. The application is to be submitted online. A copy is to be printed and submitted to the EMSA office. The ITC fee is no longer required.
Please see the entire process outlined in the documents below.
  FIFA Regulations for ITC's
  ITC Process Updated June 6, 2014
  ITC - Permit to Play Updated June 25, 2014
  ITC - CSA Exemption for Minor Players - OSA Process Update Jan 20, 2015
  ITC - Minimum Age Change - Updated March 1, 2015
  ITC - Minors/Refugees/One Parent in Canada - Updated Feb 22, 2016
  ITC - Process updated March 23, 2016 with the Implementation of CTMS

USSF Form for ITC's
US residents must also complete this form when applying for an ITC. 
Additional Players Registration Form
This form is used by USL/PDL teams to register additional players.
Please read page 2 carefully.
Club Membership Renewal Form
see the CLUB registration tab for this form
New Club Membership Application Form
see the CLUB registration tab for this form
Club Model Constitution
see the CLUB registration tab for this form
2017 EMSA Fees
 2017 EMSA FEES.pdf
Play-In Form-Outdoor

Play-In Form - Indoor
This form is used by neighbouring district clubs to play into an EMSA league. The club must first have approval to play out from their district to apply to Play In
Play Out Form - Individual Teams
This form is used by EMSA club teams applying to play out to a neighbouring district league. Once approved the club must then apply to Play In to the target district.
Play Out Form - Blanket Approval
This form is used by EMSA clubs applying to have a number of recreational teams play in a neighbouring district house league. Once approved the club must then apply to Play In to the target district.

To allow organizations operating Grassroots programs to affiliate with one another, in order to fill the gaps at certain age groups and be able to offer suitable programs for Grassroots aged players if an equivalent program is not offered at one organization.

Please be advised that Grassroot programs require an EMSA Approved Roster for league games. Complete the Grassroots Template below and email it to for review and approval.  If there are players that are playing up one year an original fast track form must be completed prior to roster approval


Youth Amateur
To allow organizations operating Youth Amateur Teams to affiliate with another, in order to allow players from one organization to play up to the other organization in League games only.
Youth to Senior
To allow organizations operating Youth Amateur Teams to affiliate with an organization only operating Senior Amateur Teams in order to allow players from the Youth Amateur Team to play up to the Senior Amateur Team in league games only.
Pro-Am to Amateur
To allow an Amateur Organization to affiliate with a Pro-Am Organization within League1 Ontario in order to allow players from the Amateur Team to play up to the Pro-Am Team in League1 Ontario.
Ontario Soccer website- Insurance

For the most recent information regarding Insurance and applicable forms please visit the Ontario Soccer website by clicking the link to the left. 

Request for Insurance Certificate
*This form must be e-mailed to the EMSA Travel Manager
Accident Insurance Claim Form
Found on the Insurance Provider's Website