U8-U12 Travel Permits

Grassroots Teams (U8-U12) must apply to the appropriate aged Festivals.

Please become familiar with the Ontario Soccer Grassroots Standards (these are standards, not all applicable for Outdoor 2020)

An EMSA Tournament Roster must be submitted with any travel permit for LTPD players.

For travel to festivals within Ontario, please use the EMSA Tournament Roster (within Ontario)form, which does not require a Club signature.

** For travel Outside of Ontario, please use the EMSA Tournament Roster found at the tab "Out of Province/US Travel Permits".  This roster requires Club approval to verify out of province travel medical insurance. 

These can be attached in the application on the CTMS. Please note that Grassroots pools are only to use players registered to its club. Trial permits and Temporary Registrations cannot be used in Grassroots Festivals. (Section 8.0 Competitions- Procedure 15.5)

To provide consistency with travel times, the EMSA Travel Manager will  generate the time/distance map for each festival. Travel distance/time must meet the standards set out in the Matrices for the age of the players travelling. 

Club Registrars or Travel Managers:  Please be sure that teams are eligible to apply to the tournament that they send to you for travel approvals. You are responsible to check that all information is correct and that the festival roster is attached before approving it at the Club level.  

Coaches and Managers please contact your Club representative with any questions regarding the above.


Club Representatives with questions or concerns are invited to email competitions@emsadistrict.com