Please review OS regulations for more detailed regulations at http://www.ontariosoccer.net/governing-documents-registration below is meant for basic information.

Trial Registration Permit (TRP):  - player not registered with OS or a Provincial Association affiliated to the CSA

$10/TRP -allowed to play 3 games/tournaments for a registered team during a 30 day period

  -player may obtain 2 TRPs in one playing season, trial period shall not overlap.

                                                                               - Each TRP  in current season must be with a different club

  - any age

                                                                                - new for 2019 - cannot be used for either minor or adult players outside of Canada/Ontario                                                                                      who require an ITC or ITP to register.  It can be used only for trialling the player for                                                                                                        training purposes only - only non registrants from Ontario are eligible for 3 trial games                                                                                                  with a Registered Team

              Process: Bring completed TRP and applicable fee to EMSA for approval

Submit card request online

  Print OS roster when coming to pick up card for EMSA approval on roster

    Form:       /Downloads/122/Forms/Trial_Registration_Permit_Form___UPDATED_2019.pdf



Temporary Eligibility Permit (TEP): -player must be U13 and older, registered with OS or another Provincial

                                                                                       Association affiliated to the CSA

$10/TEP  -player is entitled to 3 TEP during any season (game/tournament)

-lateral movement not allowed

  -club is responsible for the eligibility of the player to play in the specific event

  -TEPs are only exchanged if the game noted on the form is cancelled.  Proof of the

                                                                                     cancelled game from the league must be presented in order to exchange

                                                                                    the permit


  Process: From EMSA club to another EMSA club

  - borrowing club to bring in TEP, signed by loaning club executive along with Player Card.

  - borrowing club requires EMSA approved TEP along with Player Card for game

  From EMSA club from another district/province - contact emsada@rogers.com for further information

  Form: OS_-_Temporary_Eligbility_Permit__TEP_.pdf


For more details on the above documents, please review https://cdn2.sportngin.com/attachments/document/0120/1605/Section_5_REGISTRATION.pdf

For more OS forms please visit:   http://www.ontariosoccer.net/forms

Please review League Rules and Regulations for specific date deadlines.

Only Club Executive are to sign documents as club representatives