Team Official Registration Form

The Team Official Registration Form will be required to be completed for Grassroots (U4-U12) and Youth (U13-U18).

It is recommended that the Club completes Section 1 and forward the form to each team manager for then to complete  Section 2. The club official is to review and sign Section 3 and bring into the EMSA office along with the Team Roster for EMSA review and approval.

It is the club's responsibility to confirm that the team official's information is correct and has the necessary Certification for the team age/division that they are coaching.  For coaching certification please review "Coaches" tab on EMSA's website.


Registration Process Document: Team Official Registration Process.pdf

Coaches Code of Conduct

Please find a sample of Coach Code of Conduct for your clubs use as you see fit



Volunteeer Screening

information on the above can be found under "Registration" "Clubs" "Club Information"