Insurance FAQ

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Insurance periods:

Outdoor registrations can start in October of the year prior to the outdoor season and the coverage for competition and training continues until December 31 of the Outdoor Season

Example:  Outdoor 2021 insurance period  October 2020 to December 31 2021.

Indoor registrations can start in March and carry through to the following May 31.

Example: Indoor 2020-2021 insurance period March 2020 to May 31, 2021.




Please be advised that if your club wishes to host camps/skill development programs the following will need to address the below:

Waiver form – to be completed by registrants need to complete a waiver form

Camps are considered sanctioned as long as they are under the direct auspices of the club – ie: the club received payment for the program, provides direct coaching and counsellorship for all participants and receives some sort of waiver from the parents/participant

Insurance for registrants

  • if the registrant is registered with Ontario Soccer under your club or another EMSA club they will be covered for insurance purposes
  • if the registrant is NOT registered with Ontario Soccer under your club or another EMSA Club then confirmation from your club that coverage is in place for that individual taking part in the activity.

Certificate of insurance name the club and Ontario Soccer as additional insured as well as proof of Accidental coverage in place as well

It is the club's responsibility to ensure that each player has insurance either by the person being registered under Ontario Soccer,  or by Club Insurance outside of Ontario Soccer -HUB