Technical Director and Fast Track Players


Q. What is a fully qualified Technical Director (TD)?

A.  A fully qualified TD is someone who has completed the following :

- minimum National B License Part 1 (or equivalent)

- Making Ethical Decisions

-Respect in Soccer

-Making Headway in Soccer

- Technical Director Diploma

Please visit for more information.

Q: Can TD coach any team within their club?

A: It is suggested that the TD should not be listed on OSCAR as a coach, but can be listed on the League’s E2E website as a coach for each team, in brackets “TD” should be put after that person’s name. IE: John Doe (TD) 

This only applies to Fully Qualified TD’s, not a “TD in progress”.

Q: Can a TD be listed as a TD for more then one club?

A: Yes, only if they are a fully qualified TD.

Q: There is a player that our club would like to have fast tracked, but our club does not have a TD. How do we get this player assessed?

A: For Outdoor 2019 EMSA will allow the fast track form to be signed by a coach that can proof that they have registered for the National B License Part 1 Certified or the TD Diploma.  If your club cannot provide this, EMSA can provide you a list of FULLY qualified Technical Directors in our district.  Once this is done, a club can choose which TD they would like to contact to make arrangements to have their player assessed.  That process will be between the TD and the club.

Q: I am a fully qualified Technical Director, and I would like to be on the EMSA list, how do I go about doing this?

A: To do so, please complete the TD Agreement  by Clicking Here and submit it to


Q. How many players can we fast track per team?

A. Currently there is no maximum or minimum from OS policy and procedures; however, fast track players should be an exemption not a rule.  The district does have the authority to decline a fast track player if it is determined that there is abuse of the fast track forms policy.  At this point EMSA requests that ANY player that is fast tracked has an “*” placed by their name on the League’s website to which no more then 4 Fast Track players shall be put on any one game day roster.

Q. As a Technical Director, do we need a coaches card?

A. Yes your club(s) will need to request a coaches card and provide proof of qualifications.


Technical Directors (authorized to sign Fast Track Forms)

Forms must be fully completed with Comments, check boxes, original signature of TD, Player, and Parent 

Outdoor 2019

Technical Directors (TD) for clubs who wish to have players fast tracked, the form will need to be signed by fully qualified TD or proof that they have signed up for the National B License Part 1 Certified (or equivalent) or the TD Diploma.  

IF not fully qualified as a TD, the “TD in progress” can only sign their particular club’s Fast Track Forms.

Outdoor 2020

TD will need to be fully qualified, must have completed Technical Director Diploma prior to Outdoor 2020 season.

OS Information on TD Diploma

The course focuses on defining the Technical Director’s role and providing them with the necessary tools required to meet the demands of the position. The course addresses topics such as Player Development through the Talented Pathway, Management and Leadership styles, and Mentorship and many more. The course is delivered over five days straight and a 100% attendance is required. Candidates will be required to complete pre and post course assignments to complete the course.

Course Application Requirements:
Eligible candidates must obtain a minimum National B License Part 1 Certified (or equivalent), Make Ethical Decisions, Respect in Soccer, and Making Headway in Soccer.

For more information please follow this link:

For fully qualified Technical Directors, if you would like to be added to the TD list held at EMSA please complete the below TD Agreement and email it to

(January 2019)