Player ID Cards  -  Questions and Answers


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Q. I understand that every player and coach with have a new OS# with the roll out of OSCAR (SportEngine) and the retirement of AIMS, will we need new cards?

A. If your team(s) are playing league games, then new cards are not required.  Confirmation of Player Name, Date of birth and current Club Name matching the card to the EMSA approved OSCAR roster will be sufficient. If your club has a new player, then that new player will need a card from your club. HOWEVER, if your club/team wants new cards you can enter cards online and EMSA will print them for you and your club will be invoiced the $5/card cost on your monthly invoice. 

As well, if your team is traveling OUTSIDE of the district it is up to your club to determine if the tournament/event will accept the old OS# on the cards along with the EMSA approved OSCAR Roster with a different OS #.

If cards are required for travel it is up to the club to enter the request for new cards online with sufficient time for EMSA to process.  The cost of the card will be billed on a monthly basis to your club.

Q. Will there be a new template for the cards to be the same as the template from OSCAR so we can do multiple cards?

A.Clubs can either use the template E2E provides or if you prefer to save time you can just export directly from Sports Engine.  If you export all you need to do is save the file and use that when you upload

Q. We have a player who will still be playing for our club, but has moved from District Level to Regional Level, do we need to submit a new picture and ID Card request?

A. EMSA will allow the picture from the previous year to be used for ONE year only.   The player will require a new ID card showing the different level.  Please email with the Player Name, OS#, DOB, Team, Club and what level they will now be playing for, and EMSA will be able to print a new card.  The fee will be $5 

Q. Does it matter what type of picture is uploaded?

A. Yes, the picture requirements for the ID Card are the same as they were for the OS ID Booklet. But as these pictures can be taken with a cell phone you do not have to try and cut out the player from a printed family picture. The photograph must be a close-up of the head and shoulders with the length of the face in the photo (from the chin to the crown of the head -natural top of head) being between 31 mm (1.2 inches) and 36 mm (1.4 inches) so that the face covers approximately 80% of the photo

Q. How do we save a picture(s)?

A. You save a picture just like you would any other picture but name it using the players/coach OS number. This is a number the player/coach already has or will be produced when the player/coach is entered into the AIMS system. Thus the reason the players/coaches must be entered into AIMS before starting the ID Card process.

Q. How do I create a Zip File?

A. The quickest way to create a zip file is to place all of the files that you want to archive into one folder. You can place multiple files and folders into the folder that you are creating the ZIP file from. Rename the folder to whatever you want the ZIP file to be named. IE: U17 Strikers.

Right click on the folder – click on send to – select “Compressed (zipped) folder”.

Q. Do players and coaches need ID Cards?

A. Yes, players and coaches need identification cards the same way they both needed ID Booklets.

Q. What information will be on the ID card?

A. Name, Full Date of Birth (Month-Year), OS #, District registered to, Effective & Expiry Dates, a picture (taken within six months), Club, Level of Play and a space for a signature (On back). These items are required as per OSA Operational Procedures Section 5 – Procedure 6.7.

Q. How long will the cards last?

A. The cards are good for three (3) years for youth and five (5) years for adults.

Q. What are the costs of the cards?

A. The initial card will be six ($6) dollars.  Request to mail Individual cards will cost an additional two ($2) dollars. Mailing costs to Clubs for Bulk Deliveries will be invoiced matching the Canada Post cost plus two ($2) dollars. 

Q. When can Clubs start registering their teams at the EMSA Office?

A. With the new card system you do not register or bring any paper work into the EMSA Office. Everything is done on-line and you only attend at the office to pick up the completed cards.

Q.Who owns that Player ID Cards?

A. The ID Card belongs to the player and a club will face a fine if they refuse to turn it over.

Q. We have heard that SportEngine will be used next year as the OS Registration System. Why do Clubs have to get trained on AIMS this year only to get trained next year on another system?

A. AIMS and SportEngine is an OS registration program that we have no control over and if a new system is brought in next year then appropriate training will be provided.

Q. What do we do if the player / coach information does not match the player / coach picture?

A. This would indicate that the pictures were not saved with the appropriate OS number as the file name. It is the responsibility of the Club to ensure that these match up when saved, as the club knows the players and coaches. New cards will be produced with the provided correct information. Reproduction costs will depend on the number of errors made. Any errors within the system will not be charged to the Clubs.

Q. If a player is staying in the same club but has a change in the their level of play, does a new card need to be done.

A. Yes, a new card will need to be ordered with the new level.  The club will be billed for this new card.  The previous year's picture can be re used.

Q. What is the turn around time to get a card?

A. At first this will depend on the time of year and the current demand, EMSA kindly requests a minimum of 7 days process time.

Q. What happens if we lose a card while away at a tournament?

A. This is no different than if you lost an OS ID Booklet while away at a tournament. It will have to be replaced upon request.


Q. How do you verify the date of birth? We have submitted a copy of a birth certificate in the past

A. Age verification is the responsibility of the Club. The date that the Club submits for a player is based on the documentation that the Club obtains at the time of registration. Obtaining and providing a copy of the birth certification is something that EMSA has done in the past but is not required as per the OS Operational Procedure.  

OS Operational Procedures

Section 5: Registration

Procedure 2.2:

When registering with The OS, acceptable proof of age must be provided by the player to the Club. The burden of proof of age shall rest with the player.

 Q. What documentation/forms are required for bench staff and how do we submit it?

A. Club's are to submit a completed Team Official Registration form, which is to be submitted with a team roster for EMSA approval.

Q. What is the deadline that we must have our teams registered online in order to get the cards printed on time?

A. The deadline is 2 weeks prior to when your season starts within in your league.

Q. Can I group coach and manager cards with the players.

A. No, only players can be handled as a group. Coaches are done separately under the team staff tab.

Q.  Who is responsible to have proper proof of age (ie: Birth Certificates of players) and proper Coaching Certifications?

A.  It is the clubs responsibility to keep records of both and ensure that players are placed on the correct aged team and coaches have proper certification for the team level that they will be coaching.  EMSA will be doing random club audits on the above.

Q.  Who needs ID Cards?

A. All players/coaches in WOSL, MMSL(not team official), EMDSL(u9-u18), LAWSL,

 Q.  Who covers the cost of having the cards couriered to our club.

A. The cost will be added to an invoice to the club that requires EMSA to courier the cards to the club. 

Q. We have a player that played with our club for Outdoor and level of play was Regional, the same player is staying with our club but is now registering for Indoor, do they need a new card because the level of play for Indoor is not Regional?

A. No, a new card is not required for Indoor, as there is only one type of registration (recreational) no matter what we call the level of play.