Register your Executive into SportsEngine for Insurance purposes - Steps to do so can be found HERE

Change in club executive

If your club executive has changed you will need to add/delete the necessary executives.  Steps on how to do this can be found in the HELP (blue button on side of screen) and search "Add or Remove Members"

Incomplete Status Step by Step Guide

Sports Engine Incomplete Status Guide

How player/parents can merge Duplicate Profiles

How to Update Profile Information


Please ensure that you create a team as as follows:  Club Name, Gender, YOB, League, Division, Team name if applicable. 

Examples: Youth:  Club ABC F2002 EMDSL T1 Black    OR Club ABC F2010 EMDSL POOL  OR Club ABC M2002 HL Spirit

                 Adult: Club ABC M035MMSL D1 Spirit, OR Club ABC Wopn LAWSL D5 Wanderers OR Club ABC Mopen WOSL D1 WIldfire




If you do have questions on how to operate OSCAR please be advised that there is not a 1 800 number to call.  Please follow the below steps to get assistance

1- login in to OSCAR

2-on the far right side of the screen there should be a blue rectangular box on the side - click that

3- there should be a box that says something similar to "Contact online help" - this will be a live conversation with an agent.  If you would prefer to talk to someone on the phone, please click "Schedule Support" and follow the details there to arrange a time.

Link to SportEngine Provision Form to be completed by September 30, 2018



Please enter staff title on SE, always enter the team staff's NCCP# in the comment box. 


How to change a Team Name or Division:

Get into the 'Teams' section of Sport Engine, it lists all the teams. On the far right, click "Actions" click on 'more' then 'edit' and you'll be able to change the team name or correct Division

New Video on HELP called "POST SUBMISSION", this may assist with above questions


Adding a new player to an existing team

Upload a new CSV file with the one new player for team ABC ( would have to make sure the team name is exactly the same as the existing team with x amount of players on it already)

If you are uploading the same player a second time it will add them to the roster a second time. You should NOT be uploading the same players via .CSV unless you are adding them to a NEW team.

 (as per email  from SE April 30, 2019)

Name with Spaces

Do not put a space between names (IE: Betty Ann Smith should be entered as BettyAnn or Sam De Grout should go in as Sam DeGrout)


BATCH REGISTRATION (from Outdoor 2018(AIMS) to Outdoor 2019(OSCAR)

A club can batch upload/import our membership into OSCAR buying using a template which can be found on the OSCAR website.  Further information may be found on the HELP button, or by contacting SportEngine (OSCAR)


If your team(s) are playing league games, then new cards are not required.  Confirmation of Player Name and Date of birth matching the card to the EMSA approved OSCAR roster will be sufficient.  HOWEVER, if your club/team wants new cards you can enter cards online and EMSA will print them for you and your club will be invoiced the $5/card cost on your monthly invoice. 

As well, if your team is traveling OUTSIDE of Ontario it is up to your club to determine if the tournament/event will accept the old OS# on the cards along with the EMSA approved OSCAR Roster with a different OS #.

If cards are required for travel it is up to the club to enter the request for new cards online with sufficient time for EMSA to process.  The cost of the card will be billed on a monthly basis to your club.

Update: January 2020 - currently OS and SportsEngine are working together to make the SEOS# 'permanent, until that time #s may not be 'locked'.  It is this reason that EMSA is updating our travel rosters to advise tournament hosts that Name, DOB and Club Name is what needs to be verified.  It is up to the CLUB to confirm that this is acceptable to the Tournament Host, they can call us during business hours if they need to confirm.


Option #1- check template see if field for G or DOB are filled, if not correct it. Then resubmit

Option #2 – if field does have G or DOB then go to OSCAR click Submit by person’s name and will be prompted to add missing info. Can do this only IF not submitted to District for approval.  IF submitted to District, then contact Customer Success at SportsEngine at

Option #3 -player may have had an existing claimed a/c that was missing G and/or DOB, upon added these players to OSCAR the club admin shd have been prompted at the end of the wizard that these affected players were removed from the membership due to missing info.  If there is missing data, the club admin can reach out to the a/c owner to update it.  OR if you see individuals with missing Membership # (SEOS# on roster) and the a/c owner cannot add the DOB and/or Gender to the profile contact  IF there are many please try to do an export and send that to them too.

CSV FILE - concerns

Possible reason:

If a parent is a coach and didn't put a gender for themselves under your SportEngine Profile, the system will show an "error or needs attention" and will not generate an SEOS # for the team staff. So please ensure that if you are a parent/coach that under your profile when you register your child that you as well put your gender.

District not viewing what club has entered

It has been suggested that if the district is not viewing what the club has entered that both parties should clear their caches.  Please see below for how to do that from SportsEngine

updated below May 21, 2019

EMSA Staff thanks you for your patience during this time while we work together through this Ontario Soccer Roll Out of OSCAR.