Clubs' playing into EMSA must adhere to the latest COVID processes.  For further information on this please review COVID 19 - RTP Process

Please ensure you adhere to EMSA's deadlines for receiving documents, & the fees required for both Play in and Play Out requests.  Late fees will be added club's late submission and billed to the club. The district should be advised prior to, if not at the same time as the league to which your club wants to Play In to or Play Out to.

Form Deadlines:  Outdoor March 15, 2023

Late fee: $50/club

Documents required to either play in or play out of EMSA: 

1- Both Districts Approved Play in/Out forms

2- Team Official Form completed (required for any team official listed on the OSCAR roster, if not listed on the EMSA Play In form) 


3- Copy of Sports Engine roster 2 weeks prior to first game


Fee: $10/youth team, $50/senior team

The below forms are used by neighbouring district clubs to play into an EMSA League.  The club must first have approval to play out from their district to apply to Play In OR use the EMSA form provided below.

Please be advised that EMSA will be confirming all Team Officials have their proper qualifications of teams playing into EMSA, and may not approve Play In requests based on this. 

/Downloads/122/Forms/PlayingINTO EMSA.pdf


The below form is used by EMSA club teams applying to play in a neighbouring district league.  Once approved to Play out of EMSA, the club must then have the District to which they wish to Play In to approve the form.  Please forward a copy of the ROSTER to once completed, along with a Team Official form so that qualifications can be verified.


Fee: $10

/Downloads/122/Forms/PlayOutOfEMSA TEAM Sheet1.pdf


Fee: $50

The below form is used by an EMSA club applying to have a number of recreational teams play in a neighbouring district league.  Once approved the club must then apply to Play In to the target district

/Downloads/122/Forms/PlayOUTofEMSA Blanket Sheet1.pdf 

For for a full list of Ontario Soccer Forms