Fast Track Evaluation forms:  used for Grassroots Players U7 - U12

must be done for each season i.e. outdoor & indoor

  must be signed by player, parent and Technical Director

  player only able to play up one age group

  original documents only accepted at EMSA which will require EMSA Approval and brought to the                                                                                       EMSA office

                                                                        player MUST sign to the best of their ability, parent to sign as well for themselves, not for child

                                                                        on league website please put an * beside any player that is FT  -RESTRICTED to 4 players per 'game day roster" (April 2018)

Fast Track Player Development U7-U8

Fast Track Player Development U9-U11

Fast Track Player Development U12

For the latest LTPD resources please visit the Ontario Soccer web site

There are to be no tryouts for the Grassroots programs.  No child is to be turned away. 

The program is now player based and not team based.

There are no longer teams of players but pools of players from which a game day roster is chosen.
Players who have been evaluated as exceptional players will be registered to the age group for which they will play. 

These are the underage players who can play on the game day roster. You cannot call up players from a younger pool in Grass Roots Soccer.


Technical Directors (authorized to sign Fast Track Forms)

Technical Directors for clubs who wish to have players fast tracked will be required to be fully qualified or proof that they have signed up for the National B License Part 1 Certified (or equivalent) or the TD Diploma.  For Outdoor 2020 the TD will need to be fully qualified.

Ontario Soccer is pleased to announce the launch of the first Technical Director Diploma course presented in Canada. The course focuses on defining the Technical Director’s role and providing them with the necessary tools required to meet the demands of the position. The course addresses topics such as Player Development through the Talented Pathway, Management and Leadership styles, and Mentorship and many more. The course is delivered over five days straight and a 100% attendance is required. Candidates will be required to complete pre and post course assignments to complete the course.

Course Application Requirements:
Eligible candidates must obtain a minimum National B License Part 1 Certified (or equivalent), Make Ethical Decisions, Respect in Soccer, and Making Headway in Soccer.

For further information visit Ontario Soccer Technical Director Diploma

For for a full list of Ontario Soccer Forms