Host A Tournament

Hosting a tournament or festival

1. Please see Ontario Soccer Operational Procedures - Section 8.0

2. Apply to host your Tournament/Festival in CTMS

3. Click on Tournament Application Form (TAF) or Festival Application Form (FAF)

Fill in the information. You will attach required documents to the application with the file upload button. There is also room for comments on your application.

4. Attach the following documents to your application:

a) Your  Tournament/Festival Rules

     Your rules must state:
      - Players must be registered by their governing body and OS affiliated
      - Out of District Teams must have Travel Approval from their District and provide a copy to the tournament host
      - Out of Province/Country teams must have proof of Liability & Medical Coverage
      - OS discipline rules are followed

b) EMSA Tournament application and report (this must be typed and submitted with your TAF/FAF)

c) EMSA Tournament application information (this must be typed and submitted with your TAF/FAF)

**Important Note: The Discipline Chair identified on your Application Information form must have their
Level 1 - Discipline and Appeals Certification.  If your Club does not have anyone that holds this certification,
please contact the District and we can put you in touch with a Member that does have it, who may, for a fee,
be willing to serve as the Discipline Chair of your tournament.

Your TAF/FAF must be received by the following deadlines in order to be approved.

  International Tournament       90 days
  North American Tournament       60 days
  Inter Provincial Tournament       60 days
  Inter District Tournament/Festival       21 days
  District tournament/Festival      21 days

Please note that Inter Provincial, North American and International Tournaments also carry an Ontario Soccer application fee. 
Please see Ontario Soccer - Section 8.0- Competitions- Procedure 4.0

Please note there is a $50 fee to host a tournament or festival and that fee (along with an Ontario Soccer fee if applicable- see above) and will be billed to your Club's monthly invoice.  

The Final Tournament/Festival Report within 30 days of completion of the tournament. 

Discipline Reports are to be submitted within 48 hours of completion of the tournament/festival. EMSA will accept the Discipline Report by email to


Failure to tender your Discipline Report or Final Tournament/Festival Report by the above-mentioned deadline will result in a fine of $100.00 and may jeopardize your Club's ability to host future tournaments.