August 19, 2023


We are thrilled to introduce you to EMSA’s newest affiliated league, the Forest City Futsal Association. With the colder months approaching, the Forest City Futsal Association has designed an array of winter Futsal leagues that cater to players of every age and skill level. Their commitment to fostering a welcoming environment aligns with EMSA's vision to promote the sport of Futsal and unite London’s clubs in the spirit of healthy competition.

Futsal, FIFA’s official indoor game, is known for its fast-paced nature, which enhances players' agility, speed, and quick decision-making abilities on the court. We firmly believe that participating in Futsal provides numerous benefits for player development. The smaller playing area fosters improved ball control, technical skills, and precision passing, as players constantly engage in tight spaces, honing their close ball control and dribbling techniques.

Please note the key highlights regarding the launch of the 2023-2024 Futsal season:

Age Groups:

U10 – Born 2014/2015

U12 - Born 2012/2013

U14 - Born 2010/2011

U16 - Born 2008/2009

U18 - Born 2006/2007

Men’s Open

Women’s Open


Rosters: Teams will be allowed to register a total of 14 players per roster.

Registration Fees:

Youth Team Registration fee                          $1,500.00 per team                               

Adult Team Registration fee                          $2,000.00 per team                              

Late Registration fee                                      + $250.00 (Team Registration fee +    $250.00)                                                                                                                     
Club bond                                                        $300.00

Referee Fees: Referee fees are included in the registration fee. Therefore, teams will NOT have to worry about paying the referees or handling cash.

Location: All games will be played in London high school gyms on hard wood floor.

League Start Date: October 14th, weekend after thanksgiving.

Game Days: Games will be played on weekends.

League Duration: 18 weeks, including playoffs.


How to Register:

Visit our website at and click on the "Register Now" button OR use
the following link that will prompt you to our registration form directly!

Contact us at for more information!


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